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Merit Network - 50th
Internet2 - 20th
FARNET - 30th






Welcome to the Internet Legacy Institute Website!

Not only has the Internet fundamentally changed the way we conduct business, research, and education, it has changed the social, economic, and political fabric of the world.   The Internet’s development and diffusion was one of the most significant technical achievements of the 20th century.

The Internet Legacy Institute was created to help understand how and why the Internet was created, what it means to our society, and to make that information widely available to students, historians, economists, and policy makers.The Institute has four objectives: to preserve, present, perpetuate, and ponder:

  • Preserve information and original source materials about the creation and evolution of the Internet

  • Present this information to scholars and the general public

  • Perpetuate the entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit that created the Internet through the creation of educational and documentary materials

  • Ponder why and how this technology succeeded and the social and economic impact as well as the future of the Internet

The initial focus of the Institute is the first two: preserve and present.




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